1920's Mining Shack


The 1920's Mining Shack is what we're about. It displays Tall Pines Construction's expertise in blending historical authenticity with modern innovation. Originating as a mining shack in the 1920s, this home embraces its heritage through preserved wood floors, siding, roofing, and a turn-of-the-century fireplace, maintaining its unique, funky style. The recent addition introduces a seamless integration of contemporary design, comfort, and technology, highlighted by energy-efficient construction.

Features such as clean lines, metal railings, walnut flooring, and exquisite tile countertops enhance the aesthetic appeal. This project, adhering to the latest NAHB Green Building Standards, was brought to life through the collaboration of renowned Park City architect Bill Mammen and interior designer Kay Mammen, showcasing Tall Pines Construction's commitment to excellence in transforming visions into reality.

Modern chandeliers with a nod to turn-of-the-century elegance, in a Park City home designed by Tall Pines Construction.
A harmonious blend of 1920s mining charm with modern design in the dining room, featuring original wood floors by Tall Pines Construction.
Energy-efficient and stylish kitchen light fixtures in a Park City home, blending modern technology with design elegance, by Tall Pines Construction.