Modern Industrial


Perched in Olympus Cove, Utah, is a modern industrial marvel: Modern Industrial. Designed with precision by Tall Pines Construction, this custom home offers a blend of urban sophistication in a natural setting. Expansive windows and a viewing deck frame breathtaking views of the Valley, creating a visual symphony that complements its modern design. Beyond its aesthetic allure, it's a testament to the innovative spirit, where modern architecture meets the timeless beauty of nature.

Living room with panoramic windows showcasing nature
Interior perspective showcasing the elegant kitchen
Inviting living room with a mountain view
Interior view of the beautifully designed kitchen space
Front view of the architecturally stunning Olympus Cove residence
Exterior ambiance as the day settles over Olympus Cove
360-degree view from the rooftop deck of Olympus Cove
Luxurious bathroom in the Olympus Cove residence
View from the rooftop deck of Olympus Cove
Exterior illuminated by daylight in the serene setting
Alternate view of the well-appointed living room
Well-designed home office with a mountain view
Luxury atmosphere enveloping Olympus Cove residence
Interior view of the stylish and functional home office
Contemporary and spacious kitchen in Olympus Cove home
Dramatic sunset casting a warm glow on Olympus Cove home
Side perspective showcasing the beauty of Olympus Cove
Stunning view capturing the grandeur of Olympus Cove
Custom stonework highlighting the outdoor living space