Sun Gazing House


The Sun Gazing House, a net-zero, LEED Platinum masterpiece by Tall Pines Construction, is the first of its kind in Utah. Award-winning for its sustainability, it features 12.5`` thick walls, quadruple-glazed windows, and innovative thermal mass technology. Designed by Jean Yves Lacroix with Heliocentric energy expertise, it's a globally recognized symbol of green living.

Aerial shot of a net-zero, LEED Platinum custom green home in Park City, Utah, by Tall Pines Construction.
Award-winning custom green home in Park City, known for its net-zero LEED Platinum certification.
Custom cabinetry in a sustainable home in Park City, showcasing eco-friendly design.
Kitchen with custom light fixtures in a Park City green home, blending style and sustainability.
Dining room with beautiful light fixture and repurposed wood beams in a Park City green home.
Park City home dining room with stunning view and elegant light fixture, highlighting sustainable design.
Dining room in an award-winning Park City green home with stunning mountain views, by Tall Pines Construction.
LEED Platinum certified custom home in Park City, Utah, setting a standard in green building.
Eco-friendly kitchen design in a custom home in Park City, meeting LEED Platinum standards.
First LEED Platinum certified home in Park City, Utah, a model of sustainable living.
Aerial perspective of a sustainable, award-winning green home in Park City, built by Tall Pines Construction.
Elegant living room design in a Park City green build home, featuring sustainable materials and mountain views.
Double vanity in a modern bathroom within a custom-built, eco-friendly Park City home.
Staircase in a custom green home in Park City, showcasing eco-friendly design and innovative construction.
Custom light fixtures in the living room of a Park City home, enhancing the eco-friendly and modern aesthetics.
Modern staircase with custom railing in a LEED Platinum Park City home, reflecting cutting-edge design and sustainability.
Eco-friendly bathroom design in an award-winning green build in Park City, Utah.
Mechanical room in a Park City home showcasing green-friendly features for optimal energy efficiency.
Luxurious master bathroom in a Park City LEED Platinum home, combining eco-friendly features with modern elegance.
Commons area with mountain view in a LEED Platinum home in Park City, designed for sustainability.