Mountainside Traditional


The mountainside traditional project epitomizes the essence of a Park City custom-built home, nestled in the picturesque Park City Valley, Utah. This exceptional residence boasts intricate stonework that graces its interiors, a bespoke custom kitchen, a spacious kitchen island, and luxurious double vanity bathrooms. Custom light fixtures add a touch of elegance, while a captivating stone fireplace serves as a centerpiece. Towering vaulted ceilings adorned with rustic wood beams create a grandeur that complements the breathtaking views of the Park City valley. Experience the perfect harmony of luxury and nature in this mountainside traditional project.

Custom kitchen interior design highlighting unique elements and personalized details.
Contemporary bathroom design with sleek fixtures and a modern approach.
Stylish commons area with decor showcasing modern aesthetics and elegant furniture.
Image of a contemporary dining space with a focus on minimalism and sophisticated design.
Image of a beautifully designed contemporary living space with sleek lines and neutral tones.
Photo of custom built-in cabinets designed for the living room, adding functionality and style.
Custom designed bedroom interior featuring personalized touches.
Custom designed cabinet interior showcasing innovative storage solutions and modern aesthetics.
Custom luxury bathroom decor with lavish features and elegant finishes.
Elegant bathroom interior design highlighting tasteful decor and well-chosen materials.
Elegant dining room interior with tasteful furnishings and refined lighting.
Elegant modern bathroom interior showcasing sophisticated fixtures.
Elegant and contemporary modern kitchen decor with a focus on aesthetics and functionality.
Stylish and innovative kitchen backsplash design enhancing the overall aesthetics.
Luxurious bathroom design featuring high-end fixtures and exquisite tilework.
Modern luxury bedroom decor with attention to comfort and style.
Modern custom kitchen design featuring high-quality appliances and a functional layout.
Welcoming modern entry way design with stylish decor and a warm ambiance.
Modern luxury living room interior with stylish furniture and elegant decor.
Modern staircase interior design featuring a contemporary railing design.
Welcoming entry way interior design with an emphasis on creating a warm and inviting entrance.
Modern shower design with sleek fixtures and a stylish layout.
Modern spa bathroom interior design showcasing luxurious features.
Modern spa-like bathroom decor with tranquil colors and plush towels.
Relaxing bathroom oasis design emphasizing relaxation and comfort.
Relaxing bathroom space decor with soothing aesthetics and well-appointed fixtures.
Serene bedroom retreat decor focusing on relaxation and tranquility.
Sleek and functional modern kitchen interior with clean lines and efficient workspace.
Sophisticated living area decor with a blend of modern and luxury elements.
Spa retreat bathroom decor creating a calming oasis with luxurious features.
Spa-inspired bathroom design featuring soothing colors and natural materials.
Stylish bathroom shower interior featuring contemporary elements.
Stylish contemporary bedroom interior with minimalist aesthetics.
Stylish dining area design showcasing modern furniture and clean lines.
Stylish entry foyer decor showcasing modern aesthetics and elegant furniture.
Stylish and inviting living room interior featuring contemporary furnishings and modern design elements.
Stylish modern bathroom interior with contemporary fixtures and trendy accessories.