LEED Gold Certified Efficient Custom Home In Park City Utah

This project is one of the best examples of an efficient custom home that doesn’t sacrifice function or form, designed by Park City Utah’s leader in environmentally friendly custom homes, Tall Pines Construction.

Warm, century-old fireplaces, a rooftop garden, a bright, cheery kitchen, and a dedicated art space makeup what was once an abandoned mine shack and is now a charming family home. Of course, in Park City, founded as a mining town in the 1880s, having a mining shack sitting on the side of a mountain isn’t out of the question. 

Some might have demolished the space, but our clients hired us to restore and add to the property while using innovative green design. This home is one of our favorites, not only because it’s a shining example of restoration but also because we earned a LEED Gold Certification, meaning that we infused energy efficiency and sustainability throughout the design. 

Project Overview

If you want the combination of custom charm and excellent environmentally friendly design, this cozy modern home showcases the best LEED Gold-certified design in Park City, Utah. This home honors the area’s history as a mining town with industrial features like wrought iron stair rails and custom light fixtures. 

Exposed beams, plenty of natural light, and a warm and inviting kitchen with a lovely blend of green backsplash and marble counters all make this home one of the most inviting, charming spaces in Park City. While the external beauty of the home is unmatched, the real thrill is in the features you might not notice right off the bat. 

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This home is LEED Gold-Certified, which means we have incorporated the latest technologies to make this home as environmentally friendly as possible. This means plenty of insulation, energy-efficient windows, doors, heating and cooling systems, solar power, sustainable materials, and water-conserving bathroom and kitchen fixtures. These added features ensure the home is energy efficient, and while the tax breaks and reduced utility bills are great reasons to love this LEED Gold-Certified home, it’s the reduction in energy use, carbon emissions, and the better indoor air quality that make this home a beautiful addition to its environment. With the help of Bill Mammen as the architect and Kay Marmmen as the interior designer, it’s no wonder this sustainable home also maintains its easy charm and light, inviting atmosphere. 

Key Features of the Home


We wanted to create a bright, cheery kitchen that functions beautifully while ensuring the space had energy efficiency at the forefront of the design. Installing energy-efficient appliances and using sustainably sourced wood cabinetry and custom lighting, we created a space that blends the home’s original beauty with fresh, modern design. The warm wood beams with custom energy-efficient lighting help bring warmth and depth to the space, making it a natural gathering spot in the home. Complete with a thoughtful design that leads into the dining space, this kitchen is the epitome of modern rustic charm. 

Complete with a thoughtful design that leads into the dining space, this kitchen is the epitome of modern rustic charm.

Custom Lighting

Every good designer and builder knows that lighting can make or break a space, so we carefully planned every aspect of the lighting in this home. Not only did we want to add statement pieces that felt reminiscent of the home’s history, but we also wanted to ensure that every light was energy-efficient. This isn’t a small task and starts before the lights are chosen. 

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Energy-efficient lighting starts at the very first stages of the design process. We want to ensure every space is well-lit without going overboard and keeping sustainability and energy conservation at the top of our priority list. We added energy-saving lights throughout the home: bulbs in the kitchen for maximum brightness, a stunning multi-light chandelier in the entry, and plenty of custom light fixtures in the living spaces. 

We added energy-saving lights throughout the home: bulbs in the kitchen for maximum brightness, a stunning multi-light chandelier in the entry, and plenty of custom light fixtures in the living spaces.

A Model For LEED Certification

LEED Certification stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is the world’s most widely used green building rating system. This certification provides the steps and guidelines for building sustainably, and achieving any level of this certification shows a huge dedication to environmentally friendly building practices. LEED Certification has four levels: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To get the certified level, you need to earn between 40-49 points, Silver 50-59, Gold 60-79, and Platinum any points above 80. 

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These points are earned by using the most innovative designs and tools in home building and design. This stunning home has earned the LEED Gold Certification, showing our dedication to thoughtful and cutting-edge environmentally friendly home design. We took what was once a mining shack and used it as inspiration to build a stunning, functional, LEED Gold Certified home. Not only are we proud of the environmentally friendly design itself, but we are proud that we restored this home without losing the charm and beauty of the original space.

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Character, charm, and sustainability pour from every corner of this mine-shack-turned-family home. Honoring the past by preserving the exposed beams and floors while adding innovative features like energy-efficient appliances, windows, and light fixtures was no small task for our team. 

With extreme attention to detail, starting with the blueprints down to the charming backsplash in the kitchen, this home was one of our favorites simply because of the blending of modern design and century-old charm. As Park City’s best custom home designers, we prioritize energy efficiency without sacrificing design and beauty. As a LEED Gold Certified home, it exemplifies our dedication to innovative green design and our love for Park City. If you are ready to build your custom home in Park City, whether it’s restoring a mine shack or a new build, contact us today to find out how we can help bring your vision to life. 

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